Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I had a very long and strange dream last night.

I was in a very small cave with 4 or 5 other people. I remember it being very cold. When I walked outside, the whole area was covered with ice and snow. Right next to the cave was what appeared to be some sort of mansion: giant metal gate outside the building, a road leading away from there,  about 3 or 4 floors high. There were no trees at all, and I had bad vibes about the place. I looked down the road, and I saw somebody walking very slowly towards the mansion. The person was wearing a black suit. I thought it was you know who, but then I saw a face on the person. It was a female, and she had long black hair. She saw me staring at her, and started running towards the mansion. I called to my friends and told them we found her. We all started running to the mansion, trying to catch this person. We followed her inside, thought we had her cornered in one room on the first floor, but she jumped over us, turned a corner, and suddenly disappeared. This repeated about four times. Just as she disappeared the last time, I heard a really deep voice call out: SHE WILL BE FIRST.

I do not know who it was that we were chasing, I didn't recognize her at all. However, it does make me worried about any of the females in my life. I have always had strange dreams since I was young, and there have always been meanings to them or ways of connecting them to my life when I'm awake. So for now, any of the women in my life, I am going to keep tabs on them just to make sure they are safe.

My interview with my first subject is going to be postponed. We are getting a blizzard by me tonight, at least 6-12 inches. I'm not gonna be able to leave my house tomorrow, and I work all nights the rest of the week; she works mornings. I may not get her til next week.

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