Friday, January 28, 2011


I spoke with Storm today, asking her about what she thought of my dreams and what the meaning of The Guardian is in regards to me. She isn't sure either. It is established that I need to figure out what it is, and that means I need to keep dreaming. As I spoke to her, I recalled something.

The book in my dream. I have something of the same shape and width of it. I looked through my room to find it, and wondered if it had the triquetra on the cover, like in my dream. I found it in a container under my bed, but sadly, it did not have the same symbol. It is hard for me to describe what the symbol is, I shall take a picture of it soon and post it on here.

What I did with it, though, is something useful. The pages of this book are like a notebook, except for the first page. The first page is just a blank sheet, no lines or anything. I drew the triquetra on this page. On the first lined page, I wrote the first lines of the book. As I recall more from my dream, I will continue to write it all in this book. Hopefully, I will be able to make sense of it, and soon. Something tells me that this dream is important. I will most likely only update about the book once a week, so as not to get so repetitive with it. My other updates will concern the more pressing issues.

My leg is healing very fast. I didn't even need my cane today to walk. I still take it with me, and I never leave it in my car anymore. It is always by my side. I am also carrying my claw with me as well. It's small and easily concealable. One can never afford to have too much protection.

One day, the truth will be discovered, and perhaps we shall finally be rid of the evil that plagues our lives.


  1. No doubt there, armed is definitely better.

    However, I'm out of the fight at the moment so I can heal.

    Best of luck to you, but don't let Freddy get you. ;)


  2. Well, with you out of the fight, I guess that means I have to double my efforts to make up for your lost time.


  3. Nah, don't put yourself in danger on purpose, that's my thunder. No taking it.

    I should be better after the weekend though, so not too much time should be lost.

  4. So you're having strange dreams as well? Steph would love to hear this.

    I wish I can help you interpret your dream, but I'm puzzled as well. It seems to me like there's some other part of you that the unconscious is hinting at. Maybe it is a prophetic dream. I do know that the triquetra is a symbol of protection. And from what I've heard about the Operator Symbol, it seems to be a protective symbol as well.

    Maybe the "Guardian" thing is referencing to you?