Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Sum-Up

As always, a weekend summary since I'm not home on the weekends.

Friday was pretty uneventful, minus still having my dreams about the book. Saturday, however, was not so good. First off, I had an altercation with my boss. I could've gotten suspended, but thankfully I didn't. But the entire day was bad from before then. My girlfriend called me before I left for work. She told me she had a very strange dream. Her dream started with her in a place with dark walls, but it was still outside somehow. A lot of people were there. She walks forward a bit and now she's in an amusement part that has a somewhat gothic theme. She sees me, her one ex, and a common friend of ours. The dream changes again, and she is in an office with her ex, apparently going to get married. Something happened that she couldn't remember and she left the office. She looks on the floor to find a piece of paper. She says it has a symbol on it. The same one from her previous dream: The Operator symbol. She goes back into the office and now the ex has changed into our common friend. There is a man who she thinks is a minister. He is very tall, wearing a dark outfit, long arms, and a hat. He has no face. He asked her for the last name of the man she is going to marry. She gave mine. As soon as she said this, the "minister" vanished from sight. Not left, just vanished. That's where she woke up.

This dream got me worried. Slenderman was there in her dream, and with her giving my last name, that means there's an extremely good chance he'll find where I live. Or worse, send proxies here. I don't want that. Slenderman can come for me, I don't care. Proxies will definitely go through my family first, and I don't want them harmed.

Today, two interesting things happened: one good and one bad. First, the good. Thanks to my years in tae kwon do, I'm very good at meditating and concentrating. I sometimes use it as a self-hypnosis. I did a short meditation today at work, and before I realized it, I was in the study from my dream, looking at the book. I didn't see anymore of the writing, because I realized what I did and hurried back to my conscious self at my job. But now I've realized, I can access that book when I'm not sleeping at night. This may be useful in reading more of it.

Now, the bad.



I got out of work a little later than usual today, so when I was walking to my car, there was nobody else around. I was extremely cautious, because I was expecting a proxy to come out of nowhere and attack me. I was in for a shock. I got to my car, and before I could take my car keys out from my pocket, I see a figure rising up from the other side of the car. I know it was him. I didnt have to second guess myself. A man with no face at all isn't hard to discern the identity. I didn't know what to expect at this point, and my adrenaline started kicking in. I pulled out the sword with my right hand, put the claw in my left hand, and at this point, I was going to leave everything up to fate. Before I could do anything, though, it happened.

His left arm turned into a tentacle and lashed out at me. I jumped to the side to avoid it. His right arm then became a tentacle and tried to catch me. I jumped back to avoid that one. Before I know it, both tentacles were aiming straight at me. Without thinking, my instinct was to throw up my claw to try and slice the tentacles.

The claw passed right through them. No effect. No trace of anything on them to say that they even touched him. His left tentacle caught my right arm just below the wrist. He wrapped it around my arm and started squeezing. I have a high threshhold for pain, but this was just too much. Not only was he squeezing to crush my wrist, but I felt a burning sensation as well. It was like a fire in just one part of my wrist, seering through my flesh. I screamed like crazy, but I knew it was useless. Everybody else had gone home. And even if they didn't, if anybody saw what was attacking me, you think they'd be crazy enough to charge in and help?

He started pulling me in closer to him. I honestly thought that it was all over. But I had one, last minute, insane idea. I had the claw in my left hand still. I knew it would pass through the tentacle on my arm, but I planned on that. I used the claw, and I quickly carved the Operator symbol on my wrist. I don't know what I was expecting to happen, if anything. But apparently, what happened was enough. I heard this really loud sound. I'm not sure how to describe it. Like a very loud cat screeching in pain, combined with fingernails on a chalkboard, combined with an extremely fast and powerful wind. That barely describes the intensity of this sound. But I realized this sound was coming from Slenderman himself. He released my arm, and he just suddenly vanished. I quickly gained my composure, made sure I had everything, got in my car and sped on home.

That was about 3 1/2 hours ago. The Operator Symbol is still on my wrist, starting to fade away. I have the scar from His tentacle just a little below it. I will post another blog entry after this, which will have the pictures of it. I will also include the pictures of the cane-sword (as requested by Sammie), the claw that saved my life tonight, and the cover of the book, so if anybody recognizes the symbol on it, they can help me.

I never expected this to happen. I didn't think he'd come after me so fast. As I have said, I wanted him to come after me. But now.......

I think I'm in too deep.

I'm scared.


  1. Oh my...


    First off, you are very brave. I don't think I would've been able to do something like that if I were in your shoes. I never would've thought, reading these blogs, something like that would've been possible.

    I hope you're okay. It must not be easy dealing with being that close to something like that. Just please don't go crazy, I don't want to see more people go off the deep end, and you are one of the people I can find hope in.

    Please, just please be safe.

    I find it a bit strange that it's her ex that turns into this creature...but I can't really judge. I don't know any of you people.

    All I can send is my comfort and best wishes.

    And keep her safe as well. Sounds like you two need each other.

  2. No, it wasn't her ex in the dream that turned into Him. Her ex turned into our common friend. The man in the office at this point, who she said looked like a minister, was actually Him.

    I will do what I can to keep her safe. But after tonight, I think it's safe to say I'm going to be a little selfish and care about my own safety.

    As for going crazy? I've dealt with that happening to me in the past, minus Slenderman. I may be scared for my life, but that means I'm human. My sanity will stay in tact, because I know I'm not the only one.