Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Damn that Horse

I knew the dangers of working with horses when I applied for the job. They have never given me a major problem before. I've been headbutted, stepped on, and bitten. But yesterday was the worst.

I got kicked in the upper right leg by one.

It shouldn't have. I had my hand on it the entire time to let it know I was there. I was finishing washing it, about to start drying it with the squee-jee (never knew how to spell that properly, lol), and next thing I know, he kicks back. My phone and cigs were in my pocket, the kick hit those first (surprisingly, neither were damaged). I could swear, even though nobody else was back there at the time, I thought I heard somebody laughing.

Went and got my leg checked out. No broken bones or anything, most likely just some muscle bruising. Gonna hurt and be stiff for a few days, but at least it gives me an excuse to walk around with my cane-sword. Now I have help walking, and I have protection in case I have to deal with Slendy or any of his hallowed/proxies, as I am hearing them called now.

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